Once upon a time, I was falling in love
But now, I'm only falling apart
There's nothing I can do
A total eclipse of the heart

Once upon a time, there was light in my life
But now, there's only love in the dark
There's nothing I can say
A total eclipse of the heart

I am always in the dark..


Xu Peilan
Ngee Ann Poly

Playing Pool

Do well in the Poly
Go to the next level
Get into unversity(probably not)
Alot of Clothing and money



Edwin Kor
Guo Hao
May Ling
Qiu ping
Shi Min
Shu Yi
Shu Yu
Siew Geok
Siew hwee
Tian Cai
Xin Ru


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Picture: Hollowland

Tuesday, October 20, 2009
4:32 PM

After 8 months, I am finally back to school again.. YA!!!It been ages since i last attended lectures and tutorials.. 6 months of internship plus 2 months of holiday. Today jus attended Tax tutorial, I thought my brain will be rusty but I think i still can understand what the lecturer is talking.. think is a good sign?? However, this is just the starting of the sememster and i got alot of weeks to get by..Well,this is my final sememster at NP and I gonna be pondering what I want to do in the future.. Headache man when i think of what i want to work as in the future!! Kinda of miss the others who are doing their internship.. =( Hahas, we gonna have lots of fun after this final lap!!

During my 2 months of the holiday, been going out and spend money.. of course, spending money, i still got work and save money for my graduation trip with all the babes, which was discussed earlier on.. hope the others also got do some savings, if not i will kill myself, coz i try veri hard to save tons of moola for this trip.. HAHAS!

Gonna tidy up my study table, coz my Year 2 books, Sememster 1 and 2 are still lying on my desk.. I now in Year 3 sememster 2, and those year 2 books are still lying here.. Could u imagine that how lazy I am.. How am i gonna study for this sememster if these books are still here.. GOSH!!

Ciao for now!

expressing the emptiness inside me..

Saturday, August 15, 2009
4:37 AM

Today is the end of my internship at FKTGT... It is indeed a wonderful experience where i get to expose to the audit departement. I appreciate the things that i had learnt during this internship.The peoples that i have been on for audit jobs are helpful and they are willing to teach.. only a few that i really detested when i get back to the office, No manners! so What if you are the full-time AA over there? Luckily, I am no longer at this company to see all those faces.. When i talk about all these peoples, i get agitated.. haahahs.. But i still love those peoples that i work with and really appreciate them..

Erm,What am i gonna do for my 2 months of holiday then?????

expressing the emptiness inside me..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009
7:27 PM

Hello peoles, long time no blog.. I bet all of u miss me right?hahas. duno y it suddenly bring me back the urge of blogging again.. Will updates when there special events gg on.. Anyway the last few days jus submitted my formal report.. and I feel so relaxed now.. Somemre the audit dept is experiencing a non-peak season and I dun get to client's place everytime.. it great to stay in the office..wahahas... stay in office play FB.. SHhhh!! Dun tell anybody! hahas Intership is coming to an end about 1 month time.. Happy? sad? Excited? Haha, currently is netural.. But i hope there no jobs for the next 1 month, so that i can get to stay in the office enjoying facebooking.. =) LOLS~

expressing the emptiness inside me..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009
10:05 PM

My Nephew..

Happy Family =)

This pic dunno what he staring...



I simply love this picture bcoz of his mouth..

Hiding in my Grandma's nest! So loving and peaceful.. =)

That me and him... =)

Cute? Hahaha... I love him.. He so cute, he gt so much of expressions.. Hope to gather more pictures in his first month.. Looking forward to the next coming 2 weeks

expressing the emptiness inside me..

Friday, April 24, 2009
9:59 PM

This week alot of things happen. Oh, where shall I start? I gonna start with this happy news first.

My sister has finally deliver today at 4:48pm, I guess, it 4 plus anyway. YA, I am a auntie right now.. Lols~ His name is Winston, and it weighted 3.3kg when delivered. He is so chubby, so adorable..

Look at the pictures.

The nurse don't wanna push him out to let us get a closer look. Damn, coz it ardy 9pm, if not i can carry him, can to see him outside. I love him so much.. Wahahas~

Ok, let talk about the unexpected encounters.

This week i had fallen twice from the staircase. 1 is at my house corrider staircase on tues where i suppose to do a cash count at Kallang and i needed to pass a file to my team member and i was rushing. and the other is at FKT's staircase which is today. My auditor's image is ardy ruined, I was with other interns from NYP when i fall, even the receptionist oso came to give me something to apply on my head. I feel so embarrassed, not embarrassed, but ulitmately embarrassing. I dunno y i could be so clumsy? perhaps not enough slp or the sole of the shoes. I was like so freaking damn, i tell you, and now i am cover with brusies. I almost feel like crying but i manage to hold back my tears.

This is only the upper leg of the brusies. my head there 1 big brusies, my back there 2 and my lower leg there 3. Sigh. So fed-up. How can i be so lucky?? I wonder!

Wed i was also late for work. I meet my team members at 9:15am at taxi-stand to go client's place and I woke up at 9:15am where one of my collegues call me asking me for the other colleague's number. Sigh. I immediately jump out from my cosy bed, bathe, and took a cab to FKT and i rch there is ardy 10am and we rch client's place is ardy 11am. Can't do much things that day.

What a week in the corporate working life..! I hope all will turn out well.

expressing the emptiness inside me..

Friday, April 10, 2009
10:43 AM

Today is Good Friday, PH. How I wish that everyday is a PH. Hahas~ Another PH will be labour day but it falls on thurs. y doesn't it falls on friday so that I can have a long long weekend. Sigh.. Anyway, it a holiday, but i still wake up so early, I getting used of the slping time, every weekdays wake up early and slept at 1am. Sometimes when i wake up in the morning, I do hv that type of feeling of not going to work, but it don't allows me to because it a internship, it will affect my grade, so I hv to drag myself out of my cosy bed and be in the office before 9am. :(

Now i am having a new team, I am at West Coast and QQ is at Tuas, different senior. But it should be in this way ba. Auditor's independence? Ya! I am trying my best to build good rapport with my team members. The feedback that they hv given me is I am too quiet la. Argh, of course la, a few days only, can talk like friends meh? Well, I find that they are actually easy to get along as long as i open my dumb mouth. HAhahas~ I wish that they can drag their work longer, coz once it done, I might go back to FKT and idle in the office and it sickening boring. I know i am bad but it damn boring can..

Hehe..Yesterday meet up with my clique of 10. I was looking forward to it long long time ago and finally it was yesterday. We had an enjoyable dining. Laughter etc, all those happy emotions. But time is usually a constraint, can't really get together to enjoy oursleves, actually a simple dining hv lighten up my day. I believe there more to come in the future. At the meantime, all of you enjoy your holiday and do tk good care of yourself :)!

expressing the emptiness inside me..

Friday, March 20, 2009
11:43 PM

Today is the day, RELEASING of results. I am so afraid that i will fail my CLAW. I don't dare to check it until I reach the office and QQ came in.. Well, it is a damn surprising/shocking results i should say, where i have a feeling that i might fail and go back to school on April.

But well, nevertheless, I had conquer this battle again and progress to the next sememster.

Auditing - C+
Company Law - C
Finanical management - B
Flash Application- B
Enterprise Accounting Application - A
Basic Conventional Japanese - A

GPA 3.0000. In my previous 3 sememster of study in the poly, I have not obtain any As or neither do i hit my GPA above/exactly 3.0, this is something that i feel contented on. From GPA of 2.4 in the last sememster and to the current result of 3.0. Isn't it something that you people should feel happy for me? Amazing?? Hahhas~ However, what i feel dishearted of is audit, where i had spent most of the time studying it, hopefully to get a B, but end up to a disappointment. Overall, i very happy with my results, at the veri least Company Law is not a Donkey. Hahas~ It a good start but it too late 4 me to pick up my GPA ardy. I will give my best shot on the last sememster. Hopefully, i will not lose interest in my studies.. :P

expressing the emptiness inside me..